50 soal bahasa inggris beserta jawabannya

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Pada postingan saya kali ini saya akan memberikan contoh soal bahasa inggris tentang penggunaan A, An, The. Jika ada yang belum paham apa itu Article A, An and The silahkan baca potingan saya tersebut. Namun pada postingan ini saya hanya akan memberikan 50 soal tentang penggunaan artikel A, An, The beserta jawabannya. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan langsung menuju soal-soal di bawah ini. The 2. The 3. An - The C. The - An 4. The 5. The 6. The 7. The 8. The 9. The The - A We had a very nice meal. The - An Last year we visited St. The - The A -The B. The - An C. I want to buy an umbrella The Ganges is an Indian river. Is Jane a student at your college? I know the problem between you and him. Give me a change to fix this problem.

Suggestions dan soal serta pembahasannya

January 5, 7 min read. In a restaurant Waiter: What can I do for you, sir? Guest: Thanks. Will you write the menu? Do you know the menu? Can I have the menu, please? Could you like the menu? Can you give me some water, please? May I help you? Would you like to drink? Do you want to drink? Jack: Nick, did you watch Arsenal versus Juventus? Nick: I did. It was a great soccer match, I think. Jack: Well, I missed it, too bad. From the dialogue what are they talking about? Is everything fine with the television? Do you know where the toilet is? Would you mind helping me over the table? Could you tell me how to turn the TV volume down? A man: Excuse me, Madam. A woman: Oh, just follow this street. Turn right on the first traffic light. The bank is on your left. A man: Thanks so much. A woman: No problem. What do you think? Can you give me? Would you please tell me? May: What do you want to eat for breakfast, bread or rice? Jane: Well, some bread, please. May: OK. What to have for breakfast. The taste of rice. How to eat some bread.

50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda dan Essay Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

Post a Comment. Choose the best answer by crossing x a, b, c, d, or e! As mentioned above, most learners in literate societies begin their formal literacy education in their first language when they start school at about the age of five. Others may have migrated to a new culture where they must learn a second language in order to participate in the adopted society. The passage above is … text. What is a major factor in learning second language to language literacy according to the writer? Some may be studying a second language at second or university while living in their own culture. The statement above is …. Taking care of the keyboard The keyboard is a roburts device used for inputting data on to your computer. As you type in information small letters are sent via the cable to the inside of the machine where they are organized into the words that you see. Keep your cable straight. It is important that the keyboard cable has no kinks or that no object is placed on the cable to restrict the flow of letters to the machine. Care also must be taken that letters with sharp point do not become snared in the cable. To best take care of your keyboard cable stretch it out and straighten the kinks frequently. Letters are snared most frequently where the cable enters the machine, so be sure to straighten that section of cable on a weekly basis. Be aware that any spelling mistakes may be the result of letters stuck in the cable rather than dyslexic fingers. Letters caught in the cable decay away quickly once the machine is turned off, so no lasting damage occurs in the buildup of snared letters. The description of in the script includes …. What does the writer compared keyboard with? The most common letters to be snared are …. A and X Answer: c Pembahasan: terdapat pada paragraph ketiga, kalimat pertama 8. To take care of your keyboard cable you should …. Keyboard needs to be cleaned so that …. Giant Australian Cuttlefish.

25 Contoh Soal Vocabulary Test Pilihan Ganda Dan Jawabannya

Suggestions dapat digunakan dalam bentuk solutions, saran, rencana dan idea. Misalnya teman anda sedang dalam masalah tidak bisa mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris maka anda dapat menyarankannya untuk mengikuti kursus bahasa inggris Expressions of giving suggestions Expresi dibawah ini sering digunakan untuk membuat saran Let's ……… Why don't we ……… We could ……… What about ……… How about ……… I suggest that ……… You might want to change ……… I think ……… I don't think ……… Example of using Suggestions in sentences - Let's go to the library. Would you like to …? Would you mind going to the city centre? What do you think about going to the swimming pool? I agree. It sounds great. All right! Responding and declining suggestions examples 1. Accepting : that is a good idea Declining : I think I will be late, so I will have a breakfast at school 3. How about go to the movie? Accepting : O. K it is sound great Declining : No, I do not have money to buy the ticket 4. I think you should do your homework now Accepting : yes, you are right Declining; take it easy my friend, I still have so much time Contoh Dialogue giving suggestions Fina : Morning Ayu, My best friend, you look bad today, what happened to you? AYu : oh, it is only a little problems. I feel sad because I do not have money to pay for the college tuitions, I have used my money to buy a new motorcycle FIna : Oh. You Should tell your parents if you have no money. I think they will help you. Ayu : I do not think so, it only will make something worse. Fina : You can lend money from someone. Contoh Soal Suggestions dan Jawabannya 1. Untuk membuat kalimat berpola tenses benar hanya ada D untuk kata setelah About selalu diikuti dengan Gerund sedangkan kalimat ini menggunakan kata kerja V1. How about b. Let's c. What about d. I think jawaban B Pembahasan. What shall we do today? Shall I b.

200 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban dan Pembahasan

January 4, 7 min read. Semoga artikel ini membantu dan menambah wawasan kalian dalam mengerjakan soal-soal di sekolah. Large-scale glass manufacture … 2 with the industrial revolution with the mass production of glass containers beginning at the onset of the 20th century and glass light bulb production automated in Nowadays glass is much less expensive and is … 3 for granted as a packaging material in addition to its use in windows and other applications. Glass can be… 5 indefinitely as part of a simple but hugely beneficial process, as its structure does not… 6 when reprocessed. If recycled glass is used to… 7 new bottles and jars, the energy… 8 in the furnace is greatly reduced. After accounting for the… 9 and processing needed, kg of C02 is… 10 per ton of glass melted. Carlos: ….? Santiago: Yes, I have. Carlos: When did you go there? Santiago: Last year. Are you going there? Did you go there? Have you go there? Have you ever gone to New York? Nina: … Jane? She is typing a letter in her room now. Did you see b. Do you see c. Have you seen d. Have you ever seen Jawaban: c Jawaban yang sesuai adalah Have you seen, Nurmaila ingin menanyakan apakah Sazkia tadi melihat Jane. Jessica: Will you have lunch with me? I… my lunch. Samantha sudah kenyang berarti dia sudah makan siang. Untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang telah selesai dilakukan, digunakan bentuk present perfect. Rangga : Why do you look sad? Niko : Because I… my wallet. Just adalah keterangan waktu untuk present perfect.

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